Amarapura, Myanmar is a town within the Mandalay branch; also called the”city of immortality”. It is found on the left hand bank of the Ayarwaddy River. By Mandalay fundamental, Amapura can be reach by means of a car ride. The city is well known for its weaving industry. Most of the residents in Amarapura now still consider weaving as their source of living.There are a number of interesting areas in Amarapura which tourists and travelers love to see. The city is known throughout the world for its attractive beauty similar to the other towns of Myanmar ( visa Myanmar
) .Here are some of the greatest places to go to from Amarapura:o U-Bein’s bridge – a 1.2 kilometer bridge, considered as the world’s longest”teak” bridge, which is a tropical hard wood shrub located mostly in Southeast Asia. It was constructed in the year 1849, and took almost two years to complete. The bridge was named after its donor, U Bein, who was then a clerk into the Amarapura’s Mayor. It’s still used today by the Amanapura people and had been visited by many overseas travelers. The bridge includes a total of 1086 articles and 482 spans. It is considered as the pride of the Amanapuras.o Pahtodawgyi Pagoda – located in the southern portion of Amarapura, constructed during the reign of King Bagyidaw in the year 1820, and was fully finished after four decades. The pagoda is officially called today as the”Maha Vijayaramsi”. Visitors can have a beautiful view of the surrounding villages across the terraces above the pagoda. Specifics of this pagoda’s background and structure could be read by a stone inscription placed inside the temple.o Bagaya Kyaung monastery – constructed during the reign of King Bagyidaw, in the year 1834, created entirely of teak timber posts. Called the tallest post ever built with all the height of approximately 60 feet, this monastery retains Myanmar’s ancient structure and other historic relics of its famous country. Bagaya Kyaung monastery has a unique decorative feature that will inform everyone about how creative and artistic the Myanmar people are. Visitors can also have a glimpse of their monks’ way of living and learn about their beliefs and traditions, which the Myanmars very well preserve.These are only three of the best places to see in Amapura, Myanmar. Visitors may feel free to explore and find other eye places that the Amarapuras treasure.Ms. Pinky is a mother of 3 school kids. She is a Systems Engineer, a Technology Researcher and also an Independent Medical Billing and Coding Consultant. She and her family is well-traveled all around the world!

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